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Merino Wool Facts ~ Please Read

We Love Merino Wool ~ and hope you will too!
Some things to know:
Thermal regulating ~ keeps your legs cool in the heat and warm in the cold
Moisture wicking ~ holding up to 30% of its own weight in moisture.
Merino wool fibers are super resilient and naturally stretchy.
Lanolin is present in merino wool and has antibacterial properties.
When wet, merino wool manages to retain its warmth.
The natural composition of the wool helps prevent blistering ~ perfect for athletes and hikers.
The breath-ability of merino wool is superior to cotton and other man-made fabrics.
Our ACHI compression Merino Wool blend socks will shrink a little when washed ~ so if they seem a little long, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered.

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