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New Pricing on Retiring Products!

We love adding new socks to our lineup of fabulous compression wear…. but sometimes we need to let a few go. The following socks are being retired and the cost is now reduced. Grab these styles at the reduced price of $50.00/pr

Spirit Ink 2SIC ~~~~~~~~~~~ Now Only $50.00/pr!
Metro Tech 2MTC ~~~~~~~~~~ Now Only $50.00/pr!
Trend Tech 2TTC ~~~~~~~~~~ Now Only $50.00/pr!
Vibe Envy 2VEC ~~~~~~~~~~ Now Only $50.00/pr!
Energetik Argyle 2EAC ~~~~~~~~~~ Now Only $50.00/pr!

These socks are still available in large stock quantities, you will see them around for a bit. What happens is that our popular sizes sell out faster, so we mark them as retiring so that you know they will not be coming back into stock once sold out. This does take a while. Enjoy the savings on these while they last!

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