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Changes as of Wednesday March 2nd, 2022 ~ **Please Read**

Effective Today:

Due to the many global changes, we have been forced to slightly increase our compression sock pricing. This was not a light decision, but after over 7 years of providing ACHI & ACHI+ compression, there will be a minimal increase of $2.00 per pair. This increase is due to the cost of shipping, material and packaging inflation compounded over 2 years.


Along with the increase we will provide a way to save money too. Not only do we offer the cumulative program (where every 13th pair is free)~ always… We will be offering “ACHI Eco Order”.

ACHI Eco Order is a option to have your order shipped with minimal packaging and a savings of 5% on top of your other rebates. This means you save more than our increase and save the environment at the same time! Eco Orders will be on sock purchases only and the socks will only be shipped in the cellophane bags with the manufacture label. Our silver merchandise boxes will not be shipped in these orders. We will also make every attempt to ship your order with as little packaging as possible


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