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List of Retiring Products

Out with the old ~ to make space for the new!

Here is what is retiring.  These products will not be reordered.  If you see that your size is no longer available, unfortunately that is gone.

2SIC      ~ Spirit Ink   ~20-30mmHg socks

2NRC    ~ Night Ryder   ~20-30mmHg socks

2VEC     ~ Vibe Envy  ~20-30mmHg socks

2TTC     ~ Trend Tech  ~20-30mmHg socks

2PTC     ~ Power Tech   ~20-30mmHg socks

2EAC    ~ Energetik Argyle  ~20-30mmHg socks

2HRC    ~Hot Rockin Dots   ~20-30mmHg socks

2MTC    ~Metro Tech   ~20-30mmHg socks

0SWF     ~Stride Wave   ~Full Length Leggings (non-graduated compression)



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