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Kelly Roth is a loving mother of three, successful business owner, Ironman athlete, certified yoga instructor, Masters of Applied Health Science graduate, Health and Physical Education Teacher, and health advocate -- who is always seeking ways to improve her health and, ultimately, feel and live her best life. Kelly’s mission is to encourage, motivate and inspire others to improve their health and wellness, and live a life they love.

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Simple Ways to Naturally Boost Your Body’s Circulation

Simple Ways to Naturally Boost Your Body’s Circulation

Monday May 6, 2019

Looking for simple ways to naturally boost your body’s circulation? Focus on these simple — yet impactful — daily habits today.     Exercising daily, getting enough rest, and eating a heart-healthy diet that is low in fat and high in fiber will all help enhance your everyday health and circulation. In addition, incorporating superfoods… Read More »

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