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Prescription Pad (download pdf available for free)

Prescription Pad (download pdf available for free)

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Everything needed to prescribe Lunatik Athletik medical compression socks on an easy to fill prescription pad. Brilliantly coloured, double sided pads containing 50 sheets each. This is a great tool for the fitters. There is a convenient area to log clients measurements as well as a list of various guidelines and contra-indications. A great addition to your doctor detailing kits.

* This item can be customized with your clinic name and contact information . All you do is print your own Contact info on an address label (size area is 2cm x 10cm) ~ not included in purchase.


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Lunatik Athleiks prescription pads are available, each has 50 sheets per pad.  Cost is $5 per pad of 50 sheets.   These pads are brightly coloured and have a customizable Clinic information section for you to put your contact information. Only need a couple of scripts? Feel free to download the template and print them yourself.


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achi-logo-small US Shoe Size Circumference Guideline achi-logo-small
Size Women Men Ankle Calf Calf Length Size/Code
Small 5-7 6 7?-8 3/4? (18-22cm) 11?-15? (28-38cm) <16? (41cm)”

>16? 1/4 (41cm)”



Medium 7.5-9 6.5-8 9?-9 3/4? (22.5-25cm) 13?-17? (33-43cm) <16? (41cm)”

>16? 1/4 (41cm)”



Large 9.5-11 8.5-10 10?-10 3/4? (25.5-27.5cm) 15?-19? (39-48cm) <16? (41cm)”

>16? 1/4 (41cm)”



X-Large 11.5+ 10.5+ 11?-11 3/4? (28-31cm) 17?-21? (43-54cm) <16? (41cm)”

>16? 1/4 (41cm)”



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