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Starter Kit

Starter Kit

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The Starter Kit is the perfect way to show your clients the look and feel of our Medical Compression Socks. Perfect for the fitting room, retail display or the fitter-on-the-go! You receive one Starter Kit upon account sign up with a $250 purchase. Need more kits? Additional are available for purchase at your leisure. Please note the socks contained in the Kit are not intended for wear.  We ship out updates as new items are launched.


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Starter kit includes:

  • Catalogue
  • Pamphlets
  • Sample Socks

Some items seen in photo are not available at this time (pen, measuring tape, magnet).


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achi-logo-small US Shoe Size Circumference Guideline achi-logo-small
Size Women Men Ankle Calf Calf Length Size/Code
Small 5-7 6 7?-8 3/4? (18-22cm) 11?-15? (28-38cm) <16? (41cm)”

>16? 1/4 (41cm)”



Medium 7.5-9 6.5-8 9?-9 3/4? (22.5-25cm) 13?-17? (33-43cm) <16? (41cm)”

>16? 1/4 (41cm)”



Large 9.5-11 8.5-10 10?-10 3/4? (25.5-27.5cm) 15?-19? (39-48cm) <16? (41cm)”

>16? 1/4 (41cm)”



X-Large 11.5+ 10.5+ 11?-11 3/4? (28-31cm) 17?-21? (43-54cm) <16? (41cm)”

>16? 1/4 (41cm)”



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