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About Us

About Us

Lunatik Athletiks Inc. is a “Designer Compression” company in the medical and athletic market. We are committed to creating synergies of fabulous design with a specific focus on medical efficacy so you can express your unique personality while gaining the medical benefits of graduated compression! We are committed to designing fabulous, bespoke compression garments that you are excited to wear. We encourage and promote preventative medicine while helping to achieve optimal leg health.From extreme endurance athletic endeavors or a walk to work we strive to share our passion for expression with a premium fit and function. Thoughtfully designed in Canada and worn all over the globe!

After completing Ironman Austria in 2011 the importance of a holistic approach to health and self care became very clear. Caring for body, mind and soul with things that inspire us and bring joy to everyday living is the foundation Lunatik Athletiks was built on. Kelly is thrilled to share this journey with her team of “Lunachicks” and is excited to watch our vision become a reality.

Together, we are committed to designing fabulous, bespoke compression to share your unique personality. Our intention is to have you feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer your next journey!

Kelly - CEO & Founder of Lunatik Athletiks

Founder/CEO, Lunatik Athletiks

Our Core Intentions

  • Performance With Personality
  • Meticulous Quality
  • Allow Self-Expression
  • Environmentally Thoughtful
  • Always Authentic

Lunatik Athletiks

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