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Hot Pain Relieving Patches

Hot Pain Relieving Patches

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ACHI Hot Pain Relieving Patches are soft, flexible patches that deliver quick penetrating relief right where you need it.  These patches are thin enough to conveniently wear under clothing and are easily applied to muscular , soft tissue and joint areas. ACHI Hot Pain Patches can be worn day or night and adhere firmly without the use of additional fixing aids.  Wear discreetly and enjoy the pain relieving natural extracts, then easily remove.

Purchase these fabulous Hot Pain Relieving Patches in packages of 3 /5 /20.  Each patch measures 12 x 18cm and can be cut to custom sizing for your needs (we suggest cutting patches into 1/4 for convenience).

  • For fast relief of minor aches & pains
  • Powerful pain relief
  • Penetrating muscle relaxation
  • Not messy or greasy
  • Discreet, can be applied and worn under clothing
  • Can be worn day or night
  • Will not stain clothing
  • Each patch measures 12 x 18cm

Active Ingredients:

  • Capsicum Extract – 3.89%
  • Menthol – 8.2%
  • Camphor – 9.6%
  • Belladonna Extract – 2.5%


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